Oreo and Salted Caramel Sauce Brownie

Brownies are big time favorite at my place, it is easy to make, uses up all the stocked up chocolate bars and allows one to experiment with flavors, left overs can be used as late night munching, clubbed with some icecreams, or stuffed under a trifle. So many lovely things can happen when you have a brownie at your disposal.

I am planning to share 3 recipes of brownies this time. Starting this one with classic Oreo and salted caramel version. The twist is in using salt which really balances the sweetness.

Chocolate Custard Pie - No Bake

I could not fathom making biscuit based cakes  as a short cut to cakes. My mother never made them and I never had to make it as I can whip up a basic vanilla cake in a jiffy most times. So when I was doing my little research on the no bake desserts, I came across a lot of these cakes. I went a little more crazy to make my own version. While this is not hugely experimental but there are flavors that are typically suitable to my palette. 

This is basically a cross between a pie and trifle in a way.

Oats and Chocolate Cookies (No Bake)

I dont get great "vibes" baking cookies from the moment I embark on the process. I am always tiptoeing around the oven fiddling with the oven door. I am also trying to reduce my personal intake of all purpose flour based cookies with my cuppa. So this recipe fell rightly into place for the theme I have chosen for this month's BM week and for the above stated facts.

The golden syrup is a magical syrup that perfectly binds together all the ingredients into a cookie. 

Funnel Cake

Funnel cake is a popular carnival recipe. The name cake gives away of it being a baked recipe. But this is more like a doughnut however made using the cake like batter. In carnivals it is decorated much like the regular cakes with icings/ frostings/ whipped cream, chocolates or strawberries. I like it with the icing sugar sprinkled on it or with a chocolate sauce dipping.

I made the eggless version which is similar to Indian jalebi batter in many ways. This is my last recipe for no bake dessert options. This is pretty versatile dish and can be combined with both Indian and Continental menus. Club it with icecreams, rabri as a topping or serve like a cake. 

Mantecadas/ Mexican Muffins

I was sure about making some thing from Mexico for the letter M of our blogging marathon. I had infact planned for chimichanga, mexican wedding soft cookies and so many other recipes from Mexico. But when I heard about these beautiful simple muffins, I knew instantaneously that I would be making them.

Mexico has so many beautiful bakes that if they were ever going to build a wall around them, they can easily build it with breads and cookies and cakes....

I also was tempted to make the pig shaped cookies which are made using molasses. But I was wary of using both molasses and the shape of the cookies being considered for consumption.

These muffins are very easy to make . It has the body of bread and sweetness of cake, so it is rightly called as a muffin, I had also made the eggless version of the muffin and found it at par with the egg based version. The eggless version had a better crust but was little greasy on top and dry within - but just being nit picky here.

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