Zucchini Fritters

Z for Zucchini is a no brainer, but then I did go through a million recipes until I found this , it is the simplest recipe to make and I knew it would work for me if not for the boys...It is so simple and easy that one can make this quickly as an evening snack as long as there is a zucchini at home.

I am ending our month long journey through the cuisines with this simple recipe and promise to gear up and bring more interesting recipes for you all..

It may be a while until I return, but then you never know how long that long would be.

Yellow pepper, harissa and pine nuts moroccan pizza

The most popular vegetables I found in moroccan cusine were zucchini, aubergines, olives and peppers, yellow pepper pizza is actually the Yellow version of the Pepper pizza I tried a few weeks back at middles eastern and african fare. I had the chance to talk to the chef so I learnt from her (not him for a change!) that she had used harissa paste as the sauce- I love spicy sauces and when it comes unexpectedly it blows me off, so when I was expecting to bite into tomato kind of sweet and sour sauce, I got hit by a gush of hot air only to be cut down by the sweet bell peppers roasted beautifully.

Everything about this pizza is amazing....or the one that I tasted.

In my version I did add a couple of blobs of tomato sauce to tone down the spices but that one was the family version which you will see in the picture...I made mine - not so nice looking so skipped capturing it.

Also one other change I made was to add crushed pine nuts but you can use whole, my family does not like to see it so I hid it by crushing it and they loved the taste, strange but as long as it worked...

Xotic Moroccan mint tea

Moroccan mint tea post lunch or dinner is as popular as having paan in India. So, this particular beverage is more than a wash down drink, it is a at times a must have.

As part of my JTTC I have already shared the east african tea but considering this beverage is so dear to me, I was willing to try another recipe. I am hooked on to green tea which I love to sip while I am at work...I prefer to let my tea sit in for long time in boiling hot water....this is apparently the process for this exotic tea....

Mint is a natural cooler, so this hot beverage works wonders in 38 degrees centrigade weather...

Warm Roasted Vegetables Couscous salad

Couscous salad is very popular for all day meal. It is part of the staple diet in most African countries...however there are many modern variations done to couscous. It is part of many health diet plans as well. It is definitely a feeling and guilt free food so I do not want to challenge it. I love it with loads of vegetables and herbs. It is good meal to munch on in between.

Vegetables Stuffed with Couscous

My mum once told me about stuffed tomatoes when I was a kid. She had tried it at her friends place, and said it was probably a bad idea as most tomatoes went untouched...she said there was no fun to have mushy rice in raw tomato. Ofcourse we both knew that there would have been some mistake on the cook's part while making the dish but first impressions stick hard on your mind, isnt it....so together for years we never agreed to taste this dish wherever or whenever.

Gradually, I came around to the idea of stuffing vegetables starting with other vegetables like potatoes or coconut based filling moving on to paneer then cheese and then soy crumbs and then biryani...I liked it a little more than the earlier experience each time.

I wanted to make 3-4 couscous based recipes this week under the moroccan theme, but with me I end up cooking all 5 days worth on the same day, so I had to do a mix bag to ensure there is a complete meal on the table - like most Indians prefer, a bread , a veggie, rice and a gravy, a side dish to munch in between and cool drink to wash down....so this recipe sat somewhere in between the menu courses....

More Recipes

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