Oregano Salt Garlic Powder - Pizza Topping (Dominos style)

For the second day of the last week of cooking carnival, I am sharing the easy recipe of oregano salt powder served with pizzas by Dominos.

My son came home telling me one day saying that he wants oregano bread for short recess.

My enthu led me to bake a whole bread with dried oregano flavor which he promptly rejected saying this is not "that". Our search for "that" oregano bread went on for many months - focaccia, bread butter with pizza mix, pizza bread, garlic bread sticks got made

Then one day...when i was roasting the pav bun for pav bhaji and little one strolled into the kitchen saying, dont roast....just apply butter and oregano. I did that and he did not like the taste. Then I sprinkled a packet of the dominos pizza topping which worked....it did not take me long to make this masala at home and he is now hooked to this...which will last for a year knowing his taurian traits.

Chai masala - Tea Masala powder

A sip of warm tea in any season spiced with a good dash of masala propels me through the challenges of the day. As much as I like the tea, I also like the masala chai.

Freshly ground masala at home is usually a culmination of leftover cardamom peels mixed with some more spices. Most tea brands are also bringing their own masala chai versions which is good as you are saved of mixing this and that but the cost of it is not worth the taste. I wont name brands here but being an ardent tea lover I have followed every new variant that comes to the market. 

I eventually settle down to regular black tea with my own added masala. 

For the final week of cooking carnival, I am sharing dry powders which you will almost always find in my kitchen round the year. These are few things that come handy when I have to deal during the rush morning hour. My kiddo loves tea once in a while, and I insist on giving him a light herbal tea infusion using the masala alone when he is under the weather....

Pizza Cups

For the latest in the series of baked goodies for kids, I am sharing the pizza cups bites. While the recipe is pretty much like baking pizzas in the cup cake moulds, the thing about this way of serving the pizzas is that you have to ability to stuff a lot of things in this as compared to the regular pizza.

Also if you layer your pizza cups like a lasagna it gives a nice twist to the taste.

My friends and family loved these when I made them for one of the kids get together we had at our home. 

Garlic Bread (Dominos Style)

Second in the series of baked version for kids, I made the most popular bread with my little one.My fussy little boy has issues with all purpose flour based dishes. While I secretly admire it but then it restricts me many a times. 

I have practically given up on APF except for a hand ful recipes. Todays bread is the form of garlic sticks we get from Dominos. There are variations you could do like stuffing it with vegetables or cheese.

Honey Almond Meal Cake

To end the last in the series of baked goodies I had to share this beautiful cake recipe that my son and husband both love to have no matter which time of the day I cook it

I usually make it once in 3 weeks, which coincides with the time when my bottle of honey is reduced down to last 1/2 cup. I place an order for a new bottle and promptly wipe down the older one in my cake batter. It has become a ritual at my place to do this. While I make variations to the core recipe but the bare naked one is what I share with you today. You can add fruit juices, nuts and fresh fruits of your choice.

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